After completing a Bachelor of Design at Griffith University, Aynsley knew which design company she wanted her high-heel loving feet in: Copirite!

Fast-forward six years later and Senior Designer Aynsley still wakes up every morning looking forward to well…coffee, but also to the design concepts she will be creating under Copirite’s roof. Aynsley continues to work on some of the largest design campaigns and is an integral part of the team with her extensive knowledge of interior fit outs, along with her solid experience in training new up and coming designers within the team.

When not living her days as a talented designer, Aynsley can be found involved in her hobbies of cooking, cleaning (what!?) and all things real estate domination. Her life is completed by her husband Justin and her two mischievous cats Jinx and Harley.

Aynsley lives by the belief that “you create your own destiny” and we couldn’t agree more!