Growing up in the suburbs of Melbourne, Copirite’s Web Director Rob distinctly remembers when he fell in love with programming.

He was 8 and had just received a Commodore-64 but was sadly dragged away on a Christmas-time holiday. So Rob grabbed onto what he could and took the computer’s Programming Guide with him, hoping to learn more about his brand new present. By the time the holiday was finished, Rob’s new obsession with programming was evident and he has loved it to this day.

Rob’s role within Copirite sees him lead the web team as they design, develop and maintain interactive websites and web applications. Coupled with the graphic design team, Rob ensures the clients’ visions and online goals are met with easy to use, great looking and secure websites. When not developing amazing sites, Rob likes 4WDing, seeing the sights of the world and watching movies with his wife.

Quite the minimalist, Rob lives by the belief that: ‘Anyone can make something complex. It takes a touch of genius to strip away complexity and create something simple’.